Research and teaching interests

  • Classical art and archaeology
  • Greek and Roman sculpture
  • Roman domestic architecture and decoration
  • Pompeii and other Vesuvian sites
  • Reception of classical antiquity in the 18th century


Ph.D. (Art History), Boston University, 2006

Dissertation: An Eclectic Locus Artis: The Casa di Octavius Quartio in Pompeii

 M.A. (Art History), Boston University, 1999

B.A. (Ancient Studies, Archaeology), Smith College, 1995


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Select conference papers and invited lectures

Luxus on the Mississippi: Graceland Mansion as an Elite Roman Villa." Delivered at the Popular and American Culture Studies Conference (Albuquerque, NM) February 2013

“The Archaeology of Sculpture Collecting in Pompeii and Around the Bay of Naples.” Invited lecture, Vanderbilt University, History of Art Department October 2012

Against Interpretation 2012: Sociological Approaches to Roman Domestic Decoration. Delivered at the Annual Meeting of CAMWS (Baton Rouge, LA) April 2012

The Political Topography of Augustan Rome.” Invited lecture, The Ohio State University, Department of Greek and Latin May 2011

Searching for Roman Collectors and Decor-ators in Texts and the Archaeological Record.” Delivered at the Annual Meeting of CAMWS (Grand Rapids, MI) April 2011

The Patron is the Program: Reading Roman Domestic Decor as Autobiography.” Invited lecture, University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America March 2010

Public Collections and Private Eclecticism: A New Approach to Roman Domestic Decor.” Delivered as a Getty Villa Research Presentation (Malibu, CA) May 2009

Living in Hyperreality: Disneyland, Pompeii, and Ancient Museums. Delivered at the Roman Archaeology Conference, University of Michigan April 2009

Understanding Eclecticism in the Houses of the Vesuvian Region.  Delivered at the California Classical Association Spring Conference: Theres No Place Like Domus, Stanford University Archaeology Center April 2008

Art and Nature, City and Country in the Houses of Pompeii. Invited lecture, The Ohio State University and the Columbus Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America May 2007

The Sculpture of the Casa di Octavius Quartio at Pompeii. Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America  (San Diego, CA) January 2007

Reconsidering the Authenticity of a Posthumous Portrait of the Emperor Augustus.” Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America  (Boston, MA) January 2005


Assistant Professor of Art History, Rhodes College                                         Fall 2010 Spring 2015

Postdoctoral Fellow in Roman Archaeology, University of Manitoba             Fall 2009 Fall 2010

Postdoctoral Fellow, Getty Research Institute, Getty Villa                              Fall 2008 Spring 2009

Visiting Assistant Professor, History of Art, The Ohio State University          Fall 2006 Spring 2008

Lecturer, Art, Sacramento State University                                                      Winter 2002 Spring 2006

Teaching Fellow, Art History, Boston University                                              Fall 1999 Fall 2000